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Austin Francis Shute
April 7, 1926
January 31, 2008

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Austin's Final Interview - January 26, 2008

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August 28, 2016 - Memory Lane ..

Good afternoon, my beloved!  Our SIL (Joe) and I had a leisurely lunch today with our dear friend, Jim Reed, and his friend,  Baleen.  We reminisced for almost 2 hours about you.  Many laughs and fond memories.  Jim had some stories I'd not heard.  What fun!!  However, I did shed a few tears on the way home.  Reminded me how lucky I was to have 38 years with you.  Miss you, BUTTHEAD!  Jude

October 31, 2015 - Judy Royals Note

Hi My Darling:

Watching the World Series without you this time. We so enjoyed it together last time with Joe Barnett. So much has happened since you've been gone. Miles will soon be 11 and Zen ...18. Nick is a married man now! Such a big boy..and what an awesome and beautiful wife. She will be good for him.

I still, of course, think of you daily and my heart refuses to mend. But, I'll hold on because I know that's what you expect of me!


November 19, 2013 - A New Letter to Austin from Judy

Hi Honey.

Soon it will be 6 years since you left me so lonely. I think of you daily. Sometimes I hear something on NPR and immediately think, "I have to tell Aus that when I get home". I know you know and see everything that is going on down here, but there are some things you don't know. Am sure you don't know my thoughts. Although, you were pretty good about that when you were here!

Your grandchildren are growing up so fast. Nick is already 21. Your influence on him is seen. I think he is finally growing up. Still does not like the classical music you made him listen to. He has your temper....unfortunately!!!

Zen is almost 16, handsome as all hell and much to your happiness, loves school and is very, very smart. Wants to go to MU, which I know would make you happy.

Then, there is Miss Molly. Very pretty girl and her complexion reminds me of Mother. So fair and pale skin. Don't know what she will end up doing, but has great things in mind.

MILES. I'm so sorry you were not here long enough to get to know this precious child. He is so very special and gives me great happiness. He requires a great deal of time, and Joe and Carrie manage to give him that.

You are always in my heart, and I think I will write to you more often. Talking to you at night just does not seem the same as writing it down.

I miss you more than you will ever know!

Father's Day Note - 2011
Hey Daddy-O:

Today we talked a lot about our time in Florida when we were kids. Whenever we tried to sleep in, you'd come in and brew some coffee and start cooking'd get that opera going and you'd be shouting about the fresh sea air and did we want to spend the whole day sleeping and we just couldn't stand it...we'd have to get out of bed and run to the porch to check out the water and the beach...we'd see Mom down there getting all tan and you'd be waiting for your mid-morning sun lotion slathering...with that silly butt pack hanging off your waist full of sea detritus.

Then, it was limp bacon and gross eggs that you ALWAYS added ham to and we were off to the beach lugging floats and towels and water and lotion...books, chairs, and you were always there fishing or getting us to take a walk with that I'm an old momma, I can see that you used that time to figure out everything that happened since the last vacation!

Zen is there now with Shannon and Jeff and Molly and I feel so terrible we can't all be together and am so thankful that Shannon and Jeff take him every summer as there is no way we can with Miles. Maybe next year! Anyway, Dad thought about you a lot as always...Read an obit this AM about a man who had been a POW in Japan for over 3 years then came back and was a judge in Overland Park .. thought you might have known him....Of course you name is still hallowed around here. Nick recently got off of some minor traffic violations with a mention of your name.

Well old man take it easy up there on the good old boys in heaven.

Happy Fathers Day, Dad, You little..... Carrie

June 2010
Austin is mentioned in the KC Mob History Film,
"Black Hand Strawman"


May 19, 2010 - A New Letter to Austin from Rosie

This note is from Rose Trujillo (formerly Burnett). I recently heard of your loss and wanted to express my heartfelt sympathy to Judy, Carrie, Shannon and other family members. I remember Austin to be a kind, creative, humorous, and fair man who truly was his brother’s keeper regardless of status, color, or gender. I believe Austin was one rare individual who genuinely cared about his fellow human beings.

When I picture Austin, I see him with an ornery little grin and with his dear wife Judy and his little girls, Carrie and Shannon. Austin made a good and loving life for those he loved and it showed in his beautiful daughters. I remember one story that he told me, his neighbor of long ago. He described how he purchased his house in Birchwood and said that the deal was struck based on a handshake. I never forgot this story as to me it spoke of a man who sought the best in other people and believed in honor.

To Austin’s family; I am so very sorry for your loss but if there is ever a life that can be celebrated, it is surely Austin’s. You and yours are in my prayers.

Austin's Ashes in the Irish Sea
July 2009 - By Judy Shute

On my recent journey to Ireland for a conference/holiday, I decided to take some of Austin’s ashes and sprinkle them into the Irish Sea. In the 38 years we were married I heard so much about his ancestors from Ireland and thought he would like this idea. I put some into a zip lock bag and off we went. Before I left, however, our oldest daughter, Carrie, asked me to please put something of hers in with the ashes, because she said “she didn’t want daddy to be lonely”! So I took a picture of her and Austin from Bandelier National Park in Santa Fe, N.M., trimmed it down and put it in with the ashes. I made this trip with two good friends with whom I work in the Special Religious Education for the Developmentally Disabled (SPRED) – Sam and Karen. Our retreat house in Larne, Northern Ireland was just a block from the Irish Sea, but I didn’t like the area. It was rocky and murky looking. After the conference we set off on our week’s holiday through Ireland.

Sam was ever on the outlook for the perfect spot. Every morning as we got into the car, either Sam or Karen would say, “Do you have Austin?”, and I would say, “Yes. Do you have the camera?” I had promised my son in law, Joe, that I would take a picture of where we sprinkled the ashes. After a couple of days of this routine, I started to feel like we were in the movie “Weekend with Bernie”. It seemed every time we found a place, I either didn’t think it was good enough, or I could not get down to the water because of rocks, cliffs, etc.

Then it just happened. We were outside Donegal, Ireland and Sam saw this small sign that said “To Beach”. The dirt/gravel road was just one lane and we traveled on it for about 2 miles before we came to a bluff and a small pathway to the most incredibly beautiful beach I think I have ever seen. The water swirled around the large rocks and it was very serene. I made my way down to the beach and waded up to my knees in the swirling water and there I left part of Austin, along with his and Carrie’s picture. Sam and Karen gave me all the time and space I needed and had Kleenex and hugs waiting for me. It was a glorious day!

Later in the day Sam went on line to see if we could find out where exactly the beach was, and he found we were at Dooey Beach.


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The funeral and wake for Austin Shute, on Tuesday, February 5, 2008
at St. Catherine of Siena Parish, was a success and a sincere tribute
to a fine man. Austin would have been proud ..

Click here to watch a video of the funeral and wake.

February 14, 2008 - Click here to read a farewell tribute to Austin
in the Kansas City Star.